Cowboys defender Gregory hit with one-year ban (AFP)

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Randy Gregory was suspended for a minimum of one year without pay Thursday by the NFL for violating the league’s substance abuse policy for the third time in two seasons. Gregory will miss the entire playoff run for the Co…

Shutdown Corner's Best in Show: Best play, game, blooper and new Super Bowl picks (Shutdown Corner)

Ezekiel Elliott’s game-winning touchdown against the Steelers was one of the enduring NFL moments of 2016. When we remember the 2016 NFL season years from now, the Dallas Cowboys will probably dominate the conversation. The Cowboys showed up in just about every category we voted on for our “Best in Show” awards, as we picked the best play, game, blooper, story, surprises and disappointments of the NFL’s season.

NFL Power Rankings: Who is the Super Bowl favorite, Patriots or Cowboys? (Shutdown Corner)

That’s not to say the Dallas Cowboys or New England Patriots can’t be defeated before Super Bowl LI. Both have flaws. But everyone in this NFL postseason has flaws, and the Cowboys and Patriots have fewer flaws and are far more consistent than anyone else. Certainly the executives at Fox, which will broadcast this year’s Super Bowl, are praying for Cowboys vs. Patriots. It’s possible that could be the highest-rated television show in history. (My colleague Kevin Kaduk ranked all the possible Super Bowl matchups, and it’s no surprise what’s No. 1.)