Calorie Counts and Barbecue Don’t Go Together

barbecue calorie countsShortly after I took the position of Barbecue Editor at Texas Monthly, I had a conversation with my doctor about cholesterol. He gave me a ranked chart of items to avoid to keep my LDL (low-density lipoprotein, aka the bad cholesterol) levels down. Brisket took the first position, and pork spare ribs were second. For comparison, bacon barely cracked the top ten. I took one look at the chart, and asked politely and realistically for the right drugs. I was going to have to eat all the barbecue regardless of how unhealthy it was, and I’d rather not know just how much worse the pulled pork was for me than the smoked turkey. Now, at some Texas barbecue locations, we don’t have that choice. As…View Original Post

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