ZZQ Brings Flawless Texas Barbecue to Virginia

ZZQ SandwichesWe’ve moved far past the idea that good Texas-style barbecue can only be smoked within the borders of the Lone Star State. I travel Texas searching for the best barbecue it has to offer, and sometimes I venture beyond our border to find how pitmasters are interpreting our beloved style of barbecue across the country. I don’t think anyone outside Texas does it any better than ZZQ in Richmond, Virginia, which architects-and-partners-turned-barbecue-entrepreneurs Chris Fultz and Alex Graf designed and opened in March. Barbecue brought them together years ago when Fultz handed Graf a rib he’d smoked for a 2011 Memorial Day party. Their first date was a few weeks later. Austin-born, Mesquite-raised Fultz had been trying to capture the flavors of a Texas upbringing that was…View Original Post

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