‘What We Keep’ Is the Story of the Objects We Treasure

A collection of vintage toys showing how many find meaning in everyday objects, as shown in 'What We Keep.'Whether it’s a grandmother’s rolling pin or a beloved Eagle Scout medal, we all have treasured objects—but they often sit unused in a drawer or gather dust on a shelf. In What We Keep, released September 25, writers Bill Shapiro and Naomi Wax bring together the stories of those objects from 150 people. The idea came to them when Wax found an old, burnished locket at a yard sale in upstate New York. “It struck us: How did this thing that meant so much to someone at one time go from being a cherished possession to being in a box at a yard sale?” says Shapiro. “That got us thinking about the stories that get wrapped around these objects, and how over time, as they’re…View Original Post

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