The 12 Most Dangerous Critters in Texas

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Forget heart disease and cancer and all the other tragic or banal ways most of us will exit this world of the living. Instead, seek distraction via our completely unscientific and by no means definitive list of the most dangerous creatures in Texas that could, by some fluke, kill you first. Brain-eating Amoebas For sweet relief from the interminable hellscape that is the Texas summer, plunk your hot bod into the nearest swimming hole. Just beware of the Naegleria fowleri, a nasty little single-celled organism lurking in warm water and nicknamed for its favorite pastime—literally eating human brains. Naegleria enters your body through the nose and shimmies into your skull, where it plays around in your brains, destroying the tissue. (This amoeba can also strike…View Original Post

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