Seven Texas Hard Seltzers to Try This Summer

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texas-hard-seltzer-1If you haven’t yet waded into the inviting waters of the hard seltzer and canned cocktail craze, now might be the time. The last two years have seen myriad new (and better-tasting) additions to the market, many of which are Texas-made. Hard seltzer is essentially fermented sugar water combined with flavors and carbonation—a departure from fermented malt, the key ingredient in flavored malt beverages. (Think Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Corona Refrescas.) Americans have a seemingly insatiable thirst for the stuff: from 2018 to 2019, U.S. retail sales of hard seltzer more than tripled, topping $1.5 billion. This year, during the two weeks surrounding Memorial Day, hard seltzers accounted for nearly half of beer-category growth dollars, increasing sales by a whopping 250 percent. The category is…View Original Post

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