Sea Rim State Park’s Fragile Magic

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The Marsh Unit at Sea Rim State Park in May.Far away from the cares of urban life, discover a seaside refuge bursting with life,” says Texas Parks and Wildlife’s interpretive guide to Sea Rim State Park. “Bursting with life,” absolutely: the park is home to (or rest stop for) an awesome collection of critters, from neotropical birds and bobcats to coyotes and alligators. And they’ve got the “refuge” part down. The whole swath of coastal plain between the Louisiana state line and the Bolivar Peninsula is one giant patchwork of wildlife sanctuaries, not just Sea Rim but also the J.?D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area as well as the Anahuac, McFaddin, and Texas Point national wildlife refuges. But I’m not sure about the “far away” part. That vast acreage of beach and marshland feels almost…View Original Post

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