Remembering T. Boone Pickens, the “Aw-Shucks Billionaire”

Pickens, photographed outside Pampa, July 2008.When T. Boone Pickens graduated with a geology degree from Oklahoma State in 1951, his father, Thomas Boone Pickens, told him that “a fool with a plan beats a genius with no plan every time. My problem is, you’re no genius, and you got no plan.” As it turned out, the elder Mr. Pickens was wrong. His son, the famed oilman and corporate raider who died today at the age of 91, was, in fact, a genius of sorts. In the spring of 2016 I stopped by Pickens’ Dallas office to interview him for a book I was writing. Pickens was 87 and his hearing was going, but his mind was sharp. Our conversation meandered and at one point we started talking about the fate…View Original Post

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