José Ralat Believes the Taco Is Pandemic-Proof

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Jose R. RalatIf not for the pandemic, right about now José Ralat would be on the way home from New York City, where he was scheduled to promote his new book, American Tacos: A History and Guide, with a May 20 event at Hill Country BBQ. Instead, his tour was scrapped altogether and he’s been promoting the book with events on Facebook Live, Instagram, and Zoom. But it’s not lost on Ralat that one of the overarching themes of his book, which surveys the history and evolution of America’s taco landscape, is adaptivity. In American Tacos, Ralat writes “the evolution of American tacos, like all tacos and beloved dishes, is fueled by regional population shifts, ingredient market availability, and culinary adaptation.” And now, adaptivity and flexibility are…View Original Post

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