Eric Sollenberger Is No Longer Anonymous As “PFT Commenter”

Podcast host PFT Commenter Pardon My TakeSince 2012, Eric Sollenberger has been building a massive media presence as the pseudonymous, satirical sports personality “PFT Commenter.” Until a mention in an article published on Deadspin on Tuesday, Sollenberger enjoyed anonymity, in his own writing and in online stories about PFT Commenter. But after a recent glowing profile of his persona, Deadspin writer Laura Wagner wrote a story including his real name—which Sollenberger took as doxxing. The idea behind his act is straightforward: the comments section of NBC’s NFL blog, “Pro Football Talk”, has a reputation for cultivating a reactionary community that Sollenberger deemed a “cesspool.” He created the PFT Commenter personality to mimic the tone of the site’s worst users, complete with spelling errors, bizarre punctuation, and political takes on football news that have nothing…View Original Post

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