Buc-ee’s is Bringing Something Called “Tooshlights” to its Bathrooms

The outside of a Buc-ee's in Madisonville, Texas.The bathrooms at Buc-ee’s—those clean, spacious, comfortable roadside havens—are the stuff of legend. They are literally award-winning places to do your business when you’re on the go, and now they could get even better. Technological advancements in public restrooms aren’t exactly booming—they tend to result in incremental, rather than dramatic, improvements. Case in point, Buc-ee’s announced last week that they’re partnering with a company called Tooshlights: technology that tells you if a bathroom is occupied or not. The adorably-named devices are similar to the smart technology that’s popped up in parking garages in recent years—but rather than informing people at a glance whether there’s an open parking space available to them, Tooshlights are positioned outside the door of a bathroom stall to, well, you know. Are Tooshlights strictly necessary?…View Original Post

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