April 2019: Roar of the Crowd

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We publish reader letters in every issue of Texas Monthly. Below is feedback for our February 2019 collector’s issue. Have something to tell us? You can write to us here. Double-dipping The February issue [“Love Letters to Texas,” Special Collector’s Issue] had a double whammy for me: “Tex-Mex 101” [August 2003] and “Conversations With a Grasshopper” [March 2004]. The food described by Patricia Sharpe is exactly what I have been trying to explain to the many misguided people who think queso is a gourmet dish unto itself and deep-fried chipotle-flavored asparagus is a delicacy. Additionally, S.?C. Gwynne’s beautifully worded article on being alone in Big Bend was a pleasure to read. Thank you to both. Kay McBrayer, San Marcos Loved your story on Tex-Mex. Do…View Original Post

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