We Tasted Chipotle Queso So You Don’t Have To

chipotle quesoAs proud Texans, we know there’s only one answer for where to dip a chip: queso. And by queso, we mean the classic Tex-Mex fondue, with two simple ingredients: Velveeta and Ro-Tel. It’s creamy, it’s velvety, and it’s far from a fancy, gourmet, health-conscious snack. As Patricia Sharpe, Texas Monthly executive editor and food critic, says, “Why reinvent perfection?” Which is why we were dismayed to see the ingredient list for Chipotle’s queso when the chain rolled it out last fall. Aged cheddar cheese? Three kinds of peppers? Cumin and oregano? That’s not the queso we grew up ladling from a bubbling crockpot. We tasted the attempt at all-natural, all-fresh queso back in September, and—ever the cheesy optimists—we tasted the adjusted recipe in November. The results…View Original Post

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