Talk Like a Texan: What Do We Mean By “Fair to Middlin’”?

Talk Like a TexanDecades ago, when my dad and I were Texans exiled in Nashville, I would often see him tell people he was “fair to middlin’” after people would inquire about his general well-being. When asked what he meant, he’d explain, “Oh, it’s an old Texan expression to describe cotton. It means ‘doing pretty well.’” But it always seemed to me he would use “fair to middlin’” when things were percolating along a little better than just “pretty well.” He would always have a twinkle in his eye when he said things were “fair to middlin’.” Maybe it wasn’t my imagination. Back before the sale of steers and oil took over the Texas economy, Texas was the jewel in the crown of the cotton states, and much…View Original Post

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