Kay Bailey Hutchison and Donald Trump at the NATO Summit

Kay Bailey Hutchison, United States Permanent Representative to NATO, speaks with President Donald Trump at the first work session of the North Atlantic council at the NATO Summit in Belgium on July 11, 2018.Most politicians are gregarious, loquacious glad-handers, but not Kay Bailey Hutchison. She has always been proper and straitlaced, a Republican from the school of George Herbert Walker Bush. During her 1994 campaign for U.S. Senate, rather than engage the reporters on her airplane between stops, she avoided eye contact and wrote thank-you notes so she wouldn’t have to talk to any of us. So I wasn’t surprised at the media reports of her apparent discomfort as President Trump berated world leaders at this week’s NATO summit. She looked grimly poker-faced sitting next to Trump while he reamed out our North Atlantic Treaty Organization allies as cheapskates who don’t do their fair share of picking up the cost of European defense, calling Germany a “captive” of Russia. Trump is…View Original Post

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