EastSide Tavern’s Tater Tots

EastSide Tavern Tater TotsTater tots are potato sausages without a casing. I came to this realization while at EastSide Tavern in Austin. An appetizer called simply Brisket + Cheddar Tater Tots on the menu had just arrived. Fully expecting a paper tray brimming with previously frozen tots topped with shredded cheddar and chopped brisket, I was surprised by the presentation. A pyramid of ten finger-length tater tots were deeply browned and neatly stacked under a drizzle of aioli and a garnish of green onions. Where was the promised brisket and cheese? Co-owner Matt Carter told me they’d routinely get complaints about the dish when they first opened. Cade Mercer, EastSide’s former pitmaster who recently departed to run a ramen truck in Waco, said, “I wanted people to be…View Original Post

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